SGDD-ASAM’s vision is to create a place where all asylum seekers and migrants can enjoy their fundamental rights and services and live in a harmony with the host community. SGDD-ASAM strives for creating a safe place and ensuring well-being for asylum seekers and refugees.

SGDD-ASAM’s mission is to;

  • Register newcomers in the system and follow-up their processes,
  • Provide access to fundamental rights and services,
  • Provide health, psycho-social and legal counselling,
  • Ensure protection,
  • Provide assistance (shelter, financial support, etc.) for the most vulnerable cases by mobilizing various resources,
  • Organize activities strengthening social harmony and public peace and aiming to raise public awareness,
  • Contribute to academic studies regarding the field of refugee and law,
  • Contribute to law-making procedures,
  • Inform civil society organizations and public institutions about statistical data, needs analysis and migration tendency,
  • Mobilize local and public resources for the benefit of asylum seekers and migrants.