Nicah, born in Aleppo in 2000, is one of the four school-aged children of Berkut family. Her family fled to Turkey 6 years ago for their lives and to reach a safe place.

With the support of their neighbors in Adana, Nicah continued her education.  She kept on running after her dreams.

Our path with Nicah crossed in our Life Skills Development Center in Adana. She was ambitiously attending the classes on YÖS (Foreign Student Exam). Her aim is to study as much as possible to be selected by an university in Turkey.

‘All of my grades at school is more than 90/100. I was successful at pilot tests. I attended every single class at Life Skills Development Center and extra classes as well. I am dreaming of being a teacher to help young students on their route. I want to study in Çukurova University, Ankara University or Galatasaray University. There is only one last obstacle to realize my dreams: the Admission Charge for Foreign Student Exam. I consulted one of my teachers in Life Skills Development Center…’

She consulted us, and an idea popped into our heads! We called our friends in Adana Multi Service Center and İstanbul Life Skills Development Center. We decided to share your valuable donations with successful students in need.

In a short time, 29 students like Nicah applied for support. They managed to apply for the universities they dream of. They are attending exams nowadays and we are following them in this process.

With your help, these students will be studying in outstanding universities of Turkey such as Galatasaray University, Middle East Technical University, Boğaziçi University, Hacettepe University, Çukurova University etc…

We worked on supporting children and youth to keep going to school in many provinces in Turkey with your donations before. We felt that it would be wonderful to remove last obstacles of these bright young students through university. Now it’s time to wait and celebrate their success and to share the results with you afterwards.

Thank you, thank you again!