Project aims to enhace the self-reliance of refugees through life skill trainings and school support programs in order to contribute to the sustainable life of the refugees in Turkey by strengthening their cohesion with the host community. Project is funded by PRM and started on October 2016. Education support facilities will be established in Adana and Istanbul, one center per city. Support programs will include Turkish language courses, English language courses, Vocational Trainings and social inclusion activities. Project is written for Syrian refugees; however, ensured that 50% of the beneficiaries are Syrian, rest of the beneficiaries for activities can be non-Syrian refugees or local community.

Below listed activities will take place within the scope of this project:

  • Establishment of an accredited system in coordination with MoNE’s Public Education Centers for Turkish language courses and İŞKUR for the vocational trainings
  • Assisting attendants of vocational trainings to be employed in sectors parallel to their vocational trainings
  • Increasing school enrolment and decreasing drop-our rate for refugees via the language courses, etude classes, educational guidance and awareness raising sessions for parents
  • Reaching the employed refugees through evening/weekend classes (language classes and vocational trainings)
  • Promoting social cohesion through activities