Since its foundation, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) has contributed to academical studies.
In order to apply for an academic study in our Association, we kindly ask you to e-mail the following documents to

a) Academic CV
b) Official letter of “Research Application” from your Institution
c) Ethics committee approval
d) The copies and the translation of questionnaires, scales, forms, etc. that will be used in the research
e) A brief note about the research method and work plan (number of participants aimed, in which cities/offices do you intend to collect the data, how will you reach the participants and how will you collect the data, how long do you expect them to measures take to fill or for the interviews to last, how do you plan to solve issues regarding the language barrier – if there are any)
f) Research question and hypothesis
g) Copy and the translation of consent forms

Our response to your request will be based on ASAM priorities, availability and workload of the offices and staff.

After your submission all of the documents above, we will respond to your request in a month. In order to get a timely response, please make sure that all of the documents have been submitted.

If needed, ASAM may ask for more documents/information.