Core Values

Equality: SGDD-ASAM is an advocator of equal rights and opportunities for all people.

Impartiality: SGDD-ASAM provides services to asylum seekers and migrants without any discrimination on

the basis of language, religion, sex, race, sexual orientation and political ideology.

Neutrality: SGDD-ASAM does not discriminate against people on the basis of language, religion, sex, race, sexual orientation and political ideology.

Integrity: SGDD-ASAM is honest and transparent in its collective and individual works considering open


Trustworthiness: SGDD-ASAM attaches great importance to mutual respect and assures reliance among the

SGDD-ASAM family including its staff, volunteers, asylum seekers, migrants and its partners.

Commitment: SGDD-ASAM is committed to support asylum seekers and migrants in every aspects.

Accountability: SGDD-ASAM accepts the responsibility of all its collective and individual works.